2 Handed Coding

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By Karina Matheus & 2HandedCoding

Palm Beach, FL.- In the framework of Art Palm Beach International 2018, the collective formed by the plastic artist Karina Matheus, the developer Yair Szarf and the visual communicator Joel Vaiser present “Come Together” a proposal of art and technology that allows viewers enjoy a different experience in front of a painting with just the use of their phone.

“Come Together” is an abstract work of large dimensions intervened with Augmented Reality. Anyone who is in front of the painting, made in acrylic on canvas, can use a phone or tablet with a custom app –with the same name- and point to the picture through the camera of the device and enjoy a unique experience without special helmets or lenses.

This piece was created with the intention of showing human diversity and was inspired by the famous song of The Beatles and the versions made by Aerosmith and Gary Clark Jr. The artistic expression of brushstroke and texture aims to connect the viewer with cosmic space of an alternate reality, while allowing you to live an immersive experience within the brushstrokes of colors, which are part of that psychedelic image and which stimulate a hyper-sensory journey.

“Accepting our differences as human beings expand our consciousness and sharpen our view of the world. We can feel part of the Universe if we understand that this diversity in all senses is what makes us unique at the same time. ‘Come Together’ is an invitation to that understanding, through an abstract piece but with a simple and direct concept, originated under a traditional pictorial expression and enhanced with cellular technology that with individual experience seeks that connection” says Karina Matheus.

“We have worked on this project with the conviction that the user-viewer experience will be different and immediate without the need for additional accessories. ‘CT’ originated under a traditional pictorial expression and we wanted to enhance it with cellular technology, which, although it is an individual experience, seeks that connection that the work has conceptually” adds Yair Szarf, who leads 2HandedCoding, and collaborates with Joel Vaiser in augmented reality projects. “The three of us are joined by a passion for music, art, and communication. To construct the brushstrokes of colors with a corporeal movement in the extended space of the work and to maintain synchronicity with the physical work was our challenge” Joel completes.

Art lovers will enjoy “Come Together” thanks to the Art Business Collection (ArtBCo) during Art Palm Beach International from Wednesday, January 17 to Sunday 21, 2018 at the Palm Beach City Convention Center (650 Okeechobee Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33401).




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