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Fantom Mezzanine is a sensory music experience.

It features completely new interactive remixes of the classic album mezzanine.

You can make and share a video and the music will adapt in realtime to what’s happening!

What an honor it has been to work with Robert Del Naja, Robert Thomas, Andrew Melchior, Marc Picken, Joel Vaiser, Hingston Studio, Franky Redente and the great team over at Blokur to put together this interactive remixer called Fantom Mezzanine.

It really is a surreal full circle moment given that we treasured this record when it came out over twenty years ago.

Under the hood Fantom Mezzanine also features a blockchain reporting system developed in collaboration with Blokur.

Check out Fantom Mezzanine at https://fantom.live


Fantom Mezzanine

Fantom Mezzanine


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